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(020) 8523 8283

97 Station Road Chingford London E4 7BU

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To have any of the cakes that you see on this website, made specially for you, please phone us with the design number for details.  We recommend you read our General Information prior to ordering.

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(020) 8523 8283

97 Station Road
London E4 7BU

London Cakes

7601 children's novelty monsters..JPG 3618 Duck birthday cake.jpg 7079 Children's novelty - Olaf novelty cake  web fb.jpg 7093 Children's novelty - novelty Hawaiian handmade doll.jpg 7125 New - children's novelty - Novelty kinder egg.jpg 7217 Ninjago lego novelty cake.jpg 6064 Bedknobs & Broomsticks cake.jpg CHILDREN’S NOVELTY (more)

Please look through our extensive gallery of Boys’ and Girls’ birthday (or other celebration) cake ideas. The London Cake Company's make bespoke celebration cakes for almost all childhood interests.

Check out our birthday cakes gallery for a fantastic selection of cakes for 17 year olds (and older) or for sport themed cakes we have a gallery of ideas for football, golf, bowls, rugby and many more. Don't forget our gallery showing previous number-shaped cakes we have created for Ages 1-16 and our other novelty cakes including horse-shaped and castle-shaped cakes.

2331 make up set cake.jpg 2352 nemo Shark cake.jpg 2721 Eeyore cake.jpg 2861 Ben 10 cake.jpg 3367 Cinderella cake.jpg 3688 Hello Kitty cake.jpg 3998 Gilr with horse head cake.jpg 2513 Sponge Bob Square Pants birthday cake.jpg 2495 Pirate Ship birthday cake.jpg 4267 Dr Who Police Box cake.jpg 4178 Mr Happy birthday cake.jpg 4465 Cat birthday cake.jpg 4471 Minnie Mouse Head_novelty_birthday_cake.jpg 4320 Lego Man birthday cake.jpg 7077 Children's novelty - double depth celebration cake with sugar paste flowers and sun.jpg 7088 Children's novelty - Iggle piggle and star cake.jpg 7090 Children's novelty - Novelty Minion from Despicable Me.jpg 7103 Children's novelty - Lighting McQueen novelty car.jpg 7189 New children's novelty Minnie Mouse 2 tier stacked, covered board, covered in colour, cut out spots, sugar paste bows and ears.jpg 7112 Birthday - Harry Potter celebration cake with hand made models.jpg 7199 Children Novelty Mr Tumble.jpg 7230 Children Novelty cake circus tent and clown.jpg 7335 Children's novelty Pirate Book shape with hand made models.jpg 7078 New cakes - baby shower, coloured madeira, sugar paste flowers and hand made duck.jpg 7153 New Children's unicorn.jpg 7271 Kids birthday 2 tier, frozen, pepper pig and princess tiara.jpg 7239 Raa raa Children's birthday Celebration cake, hand made Raa Raa, grass and covered board.jpg 7124 New - children's novelty - novelty pig.jpg 3159 Hungry Caterpillar cake.jpg 2453 Peppa Pig cake.jpg 1988 Thomas the Tank Engine cake.jpg 3622 Minion from Despicable Me birthday cake.jpg 3796 Miss Piggy Cake.jpg 7341 children's birthday double depth Paw Patrol celebration cake with hand made models.jpg 7336 Superhero and hulk novelty cake.jpg 7248 Children Novelty Minion cake with handmade Gru.jpg 7267 Kids bday Katy Perry 2 tier covered in colour, covered board, picture scan and sweets.jpg 7340 2 tier stacked Mickey Mouse celebration cake (customers own toys).jpg 1976 Children's Novelty Scooby Doo.jpg 7409 Children's novelty Treasure chest with hand made model (customers supplied sweets).JPG 7492 novelty Donald Duck head cake.JPG 7443 ET novelty cake.JPG 7585 round celebration cake, cut out animals and scroll on board.JPG 7490 Novelty Shadow Trooper cake.JPG 7413 Children's novelty cake Novelty racing car on covered board.JPG 7530 Round children's birthday cake with handmade ninja turtles, scroll on board.JPG 7465 New Children's novelty Novelty spider.jpg 7523 children's Two tier stacked birthday cake, covered in colour, covered board (customers models).JPG 7423 Power Rangers novelty cake with cupcakes.JPG 7529 Children's novelty racing car.JPG