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(020) 8523 8283

97 Station Road Chingford London E4 7BU

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To have any of the cakes that you see on this website, made specially for you, please phone us with the design number for details.  We recommend you read our General Information prior to ordering.

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(020) 8523 8283

97 Station Road
London E4 7BU

London Cakes

NEW CAKES FOR SATISFIED CUSTOMERS 7514 Fashio Celebration cake with handmade model.JPG 7517 four tier stacked art deco wedding cake.JPG 7520 Square baby shower cake with handmade models and teddies.JPG 7523 children's Two tier stacked birthday cake, covered in colour, covered board (customers models).JPG 7455 fashion.  Round celebration cake with handmade shoe.JPG 7525 3 tier double depth birthday cake, hand painted, hand made models, covered board.JPG 7526 2 tier round birthday cake with hearts and hand made models.JPG 7527 Two tier stacked children's birthday cake covered in colour, covered board, snow flakes and handmade number.JPG 7528 Round children's birthday cake, handmade models and scroll with message.JPG 7469  Novelty cupcake with chocolate cream and chocolate buttons.JPG 7533 2 tier round religious cake with hearts and handmade models.JPG 7534 Novelty BB8 birthday cake.JPG 7535 Square standard finish celebration cake, small scrolls, music notes and number.JPG 7536 Novelty champagne bottle, covered board, scroll with message.JPG 7537 Round birthday cake with handmade model.JPG 7643 Kids Novelty Birthday Cake.jpg 7644 Novelty Cake.jpg 7646 Kids Novelty Cake.jpg 7647 Kids Birthday Cake.jpg 7648 Kids Birthday Cake.jpg 7909 Castle Cake.jpg 7910 Birthday Cake.jpg 7911 Novelty Cake.jpg 7912 Kids Novelty Cake.jpg 7913 Birthday Cake.jpg 7914 Birthday Cake.jpg 7915 Novelty Birthday Cake.jpg 7916 Novelty Birthday Cake.jpg 7917 Novelty Kids Birthday Cake.jpg 7918 Birthday Cake.jpg 7919 Novelty Cupcake.jpg 7920 Number One cake.jpg 7921 Cupcakes.jpg 7922 Birthday Cake.jpg 7923 Birthday cake.jpg 7924 Novelty Kids cake.jpg 7925 Novelty Birthday Cake.jpg 7926 Bbirthday cake.jpg 7927 Number 50 cake.jpg 7928 Adult Birthday Cake.jpg 7929 Birthday cake.jpg 7931 Birthday cake.jpg 7932 Corporate Cake.jpg 7933 Birthday cake.jpg 7934 Birthday Cake.jpg 7935 Birthday cake.jpg 7936 Novelty Cake.jpg 7937 Novelty cake.jpg 7938 Birthday cake.jpg 7939 New Baby cake.jpg 7940 Novelty cake.jpg 7941 Harry Potter cake.jpg 7942 Novelty cake.jpg 7943 cupcakes.jpg 7944 Novelty cake.jpg 7945 birthday cake.jpg 7946 Novelty kids cake.jpg 7947 Birthday cake.jpg 7948 Novelty cake.jpg 7949 birthday cake.jpg 7950 Novelty cakes.jpg 7951 Christening cake.jpg 7953 Birthday fashion cake.jpg 7954 Twins Birthday cake.jpg 7955 Number One cake.jpg 7956 Birthday cake.jpg 7957 Kids Novelty cake.jpg 7958 Birthday cake.jpg 7538 2 tier round birthday cake, spots, stripes, covered board and handmade models.jpg