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(020) 8523 8283

97 Station Road Chingford London E4 7BU

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To have any of the cakes that you see on this website, made specially for you, please phone us with the design number for details.  We recommend you read our General Information prior to ordering.

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(020) 8523 8283

97 Station Road
London E4 7BU

London Cakes

Our novelty shaped cakes can be designed for a wide range of events and people, from cartoon & TV characters to objects such as a camera, shoes or a tennis racket.  

For the price of any of the novelty shaped cakes please phone quoting the cake design number. If you have an idea for a novelty cake that you would like for your particular celebration, give us a call or pop into the shop to discuss your requirements.

We also have a selection of Castle-shaped cakes that can be made to your fit your needs.

For the equestrians, we have a range of Horse Head celebration cakes. These cakes are all hand carved from slabs of either Plain or Chocolate Madeira cake, then filled with Raspberry Jam & Vanilla cream or one of the other flavoured creams we offer. Horse Head cakes are available in two sizes, based on either a 14" or 18" cake board.

50th Number with woman and tea seat cake.jpg 2145 girl and teddy in bed cake.jpg 2600 Man on 3 tier 40th birthday cake.jpg 2626 Chalks away pilot cake.jpg 3352 birthday cake with clown.jpg 3414 graduation cake mortar board and scrolls.jpg 3432 60th number cake with Spitfire and steam train model.jpg 3522 40th number cake with fisherman model.jpg 3571 30th number cake with fireman model.jpg 3596 3 tier cake with woman in pink dress.jpg 3603 80th number cake + figure with carpentry.jpg 3604 40th number cake + woman in pink evening gown.jpg 3661 40th birthday 2 figures + golf clubs + TV cake.jpg 3685 40th birthday  woman with 6 champagne bottles.jpg 3710 50th birthday with woman and exercise mat.jpg 3722 3 layer 40th birthday cake with woman  in black dress.jpg 3808 mercedes logo + model 20th birthday cake.jpg 3825 9th birthday Boy in khaki with toy gun cake.jpg 3904 Leaving cake with bespoke fire officer sugarpaste model and edible logos.jpg 3924 Stacked square birthday cakes with handmade bespoke sugarpaste model.jpg 3951 Orion Harriers 100 years cake.jpg 3955 Naming day cake with cow model.jpg 4082 18th Number cake with girl model.jpg 4104 40th Number with Pink Shoe cake.jpg NOVELTY SHAPED CAKES MORE 7075 Novelty Roses Tin of Sweets.jpg 7089 Novelty - Tractor and handmade model.jpg 7370 Novelty cake Novelty Jammie Dodgers.jpg 7355 Children's Novelty Bat girl.jpg 7364 Novelty Rotweiller puppy birthday cake.jpg 7354 Novelty Square garden design celebration cake with hand made models.jpg 7230 Children Novelty cake circus tent and clown.jpg 7281 Novelty Sherbet fountain.jpg 7284 Fashion Novelty watch.jpg 7059 Novelty - perfume bottle birthday cake.JPG 7377 Novelty birthday suitcase ckae.jpg 7597 Hip flask novelty cake.JPG 7586 - Novelty bath with handmade models.JPG 7589 Novelty dolphin children's birthday cke.JPG 7539 Novelty tape measure cake.jpg 7540 Novelty chewing gum cake.jpg 7513 Aduly Novelty Salted Caramel Vodka cake.JPG 7531 Novelty birthday polo mint cake.JPG 7518 Adult's Round celebration cake hand painted and hand made bow and gift tag.JPG 7522 Birthday cake Novelty ball of wool and needles, scroll with message.JPG