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(020) 8523 8283

97 Station Road Chingford London E4 7BU

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To have any of the cakes that you see on this website, made specially for you, please phone us with the design number for details.  We recommend you read our General Information prior to ordering.

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(020) 8523 8283

97 Station Road
London E4 7BU

London Cakes


The photos in this gallery are a guide to how The London Cake Company can design and decorate your celebration cake in the shape of specific numbers.  

These could be for a birthday, anniversary or any other event.  We are cake designers, bakers and decorators who do it all in our own bakery and decorating studio.

Double Figure cakes can be made with a different cake flavour in each Number.

3091 Number 1 Birthday cake.jpg 3190 Number 1 Birthday Cake.jpg 3229 Number 1 Birthday cake Footballer + Balls.jpg 3244 Med Hand-Cut Number 1 cake peppa Pig.jpg 3260 small handcut number 1 cake + Penguin.jpg 3290 Number 1 cake Pink Butterfly Freya.jpg 3448 Number 1 Cake Iggle Piggle.jpg 3520_small_handcut_figure_one_birthday_cake_with_sugapaste_handmade_duck.jpg 3531_figure_one_birthday_cake.jpg 3592_small_handcut_figure_1_1st_birthday_cake_with_sugarpaste_stars_and_letters.jpg 3599_1st_birthday_small_handcut_figure_one_cake.jpg 3602_micky_mouse_themed_1st_birthday_cake_with_sugarpasye_ballons_and_flowers.jpg

Number 1

Birthday Cakes

from £36

7133 Small hand cut number 1.jpg