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(020) 8523 8283

97 Station Road Chingford London E4 7BU

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To have any of the cakes that you see on this website, made specially for you, please phone us with the design number for details.  We recommend you read our General Information prior to ordering.

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(020) 8523 8283

97 Station Road
London E4 7BU

London Cakes

7376 Sports Square celebration cake with hand made model.jpg SPORTS THEMED CAKES

Take a look at below at a selection of the sport-themed cakes we have made in the past.  Anything from football shirts and shields to golf clubs or tennis rackets can be designed to your bespoke requirements.  

We are cake designers, bakers and decorators who do it all in our own bakery and decorating studio.  

2153 Golfer 50th cake.jpg 2361 Arsenal Golfer cake.jpg 2526 Cricketer 70th Cake.jpg 3559 Golfer 60th cake.jpg 3795 Cricket Dad Birthday cake.jpg 3962 80th Crown bowls cake.jpg 4009 West Ham 18th Cake.jpg 4047 C3 Boxing Gloves Cake.jpg 4105 West Ham Football pitch 50th cake.jpg 4255 Football birthday cake.jpg 4459 Rugby birthday cake.jpg 3867 Swimming Pool Birthday Cake.jpg 3070 Karate themed birthday cake w sugarpaste model.jpg 3329 tennis player on court.jpg 2395 Ice skate birthday cake.jpg 2874 Tennis racquet retirment cake.jpg 7151 New Novelty football and scarf with edible picture scan.jpg 7177 New Children's Celebration cake with handmade ice skates.jpg 7168 Bowling Celebration cake with handmade sugar paste models.jpg 4332 Ten pin bowling birthday cake.jpg 7165 Football Novelty Barcelona football and scarf.jpg 7373 Sports cake Novelty Adidas box and trainer boot.jpg 7262 Sports cake Model spurs golf bag, balls and clubs.jpg 7228 Birthday Celebration cake with handmade models and edible pictures scans.jpg 7371 Sports cake Gilbert Rugby Ball.jpg 7381 Novelty racing car cake.jpg 7379 Sports Square celebration cake with handmade models.jpg 7380 Sports Square celebration cake with handmade models.jpg 7432 Novelty table tennis cake.JPG 7439 Covered green with covered board, handmade models and message on scroll.JPG 7486 Sports Two tier round double depth with handmade models, scroll with message (customers supplied golf balls and tees).jpg